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In the Orientation tab, select the slideshow orientation you want to use. 3. Page 49 4. Page 104 Safety Information In order to maintain compliance with the FCC RF exposure guidelines, this equipment should be installed and operated with minimum distance 20cm between the radiator and your Tap ok to make the changes. have a peek at this web-site

Page 97 • Tapping > Settings > Connections tab > Network Cards. 2. Page 84: Chapter 8 Bluetooth, Using Bluetooth Chapter 8 Bluetooth Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communications technology. Page 72: Mobile Favorites Folder Changing View settings To change View settings: 1. Three dialing locations, Home, Mobile, and Work, have been created for you, and you can create more.

on your Pocket PC. Tap Menu > Set as Today Background... Pressing any one of the function buttons on the front panel wakes up the device. Page 40 A sync relationship is a file that allows you to synchronize your device with your desktop computer.

  1. Page 75: Adding/deleting Mobile Favorites And Folders Adding/Deleting mobile favorites and folders To add a favorite: 1.
  2. You can use the menus and buttons on the Menu bar to perform commands and actions.
  3. By default, the most recently received messages appear on top of the list.
  4. Page 91 To get a file from the remote device: 1.
  5. To display the Start menu, tap the icon from the top of the screen.
  6. Tap a service from the list, then choose whether to enable and share the selected service to other devices and whether to require authorization as well as passkey authentication between Bluetooth
  7. Using the input panel, enter a description and a location.
  8. For a successful exchange of data, the IR port of both devices must be properly aligned and facing each other within the IR communication range. • Mini SD slot (A632N only)
  9. The difference between writing and drawing on the screen is how you select items and how they can be edited.

The file is copied to the local folder listed in the Local Folder field at the bottom of the screen. The resume, you can manage all functions and settings on your mobile device.You can easy manage the file in the phone from your PC. To send data via Bluetooth: 1. Obtain the following information from your network administrator: server phone number, user name, and password. > Settings > Connections tab > Connections. 2.

You may see two sets of scroll bars on your device: one for scrolling the computer window contents, and one for scrolling your deviceʼs Terminal Services Client screen. This file is stored on your desktop computer. Tap > Settings > System tab > Screen icon > Clear Type tab. 2. Refer to the succeeding sections for more details on synchronization.

Standard items • ASUS MyPal A636N/A632N Pocket PC • USB travel sync cable • AC adapter • Microsoft Companion CD: includes Microsoft 2002 and Microsoft •... Hide thumbs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 With the document open, tap Menu > File > Save As to open the Save As screen. 2. Page 89: Bluetooth File Explorer Dial-up networking The Dial-up Networking feature allows you to connect your Pocket PC to another Bluetooth-enabled device through a phone line.

Page 54: Messaging Messaging Use Messaging to send and receive e-mail messages in one of these ways: • Synchronize e-mail messages with Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Outlook on your desktop computer Tap ok when done. Page 39: Synchronizing Your Device Click Next to continue installing and replace the current version. To open Wi-Fi Manager: • > WLAN Setting.

You can use this PC Companion software Asus MyPal A632N to download many features, application program, also update software as easy and connect Asus MyPal A632N to pc to save files Check This Out The devices only need to be within a range of about 10 meters (30 feet) in an open space environment. Using Mode Switcher and Task Switcher On the rightmost group of buttons on the device (see Chapter 1), its right button functions, by default, as the Mode Switcher button which... Tap > Settings > Menus icon. 2.

Page 80: Setting Up A Wap Gateway, Using Dialing Rules • When connected via Infrared, move the device away from the other computer or device. • When connected via a network Page 61: Companion Programs To specify save options: 1. Type a name for the favorite that you wish to add in the Name field. 4. Source This application Asus MyPal A632N driver program are free to download and install in Computer.

Page 42: Manually Initiating Synchronization Manually initiating synchronization Once you have set up ActiveSync and completed the first synchronization process, you can initiate synchronization from your device at any time. Page 53: Creating Notes, To Create A Note To set the default input mode for entering note text: 1. This button allows you to move through the program icons, folders, or files in a menu by scrolling up or down, left or right.

You will see the last time content was downloaded to the desktop computer, and you can manually download content if needed or set a schedule to automatically update contents.

Page 85: Bluetooth Settings Bluetooth settings To configure Bluetooth settings: 1. Wait until the wizard finishes copying all the necessary files, and updates your system. There are four tabs in the Wi-Fi Manager: Wi-Fi Status This tab indicates whether Wi-Fi is currently connected, and shows... Tap > Settings > System tab > Backlight icon. 2.

Page 34: Bubble Breaker Calculator Tap the Calculator icon to use basic calculator functions. Page 96: Adding A Wireless Network Configuring wireless networks To configure a wireless network: 1. Tap the file you wish to open. http://abltn.com/driver-asus/driver-asus-mypal-a632.php NOTE If you clear the box beside the Show system status icon, the ASUS Status icon will not show on the Today screen.

After selecting a wireless network to connect your device to, tap Settings. Page 68: Chatting With Contacts Chatting with contacts Tap a contact name to open a chat window. NOTE Before starting the ActiveSync installation, make sure that you have Microsoft... Page 8: Back Features 4-way navigation button - functions like the four arrow keys on a keyboard.

Is there a key board back light on the laptop? You may rotate the panel as illustrated below. To change the screen text size: 1. Page 44: Installing Other Applications Installing other applications The Companion CD packs a variety of useful applications.

For more information, see your network administrator. Page 12: Setting Up Gps Setting up GPS To receive GPS signal: Flip open the GPS antenna panel from the back of the device. Page 76: Chapter 7 Get Connected, Connecting To The Internet Chapter 7 Get Connected You can set up connections to the Internet and corporate network at work to do such activities