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A 24-bit card can display up to 17 million colors – nice if you’ve got 24-bit images to look at, but few programs require such depth. Now I am happy with my Core i8 homebrew box (back on Intel), professional 8Tb QNAP NAS, homebrew Core i5 silent media box, Dell Latitude Core i5 laptop for work and microsoft bob i likes ‘ microfiort boob microsoft bob gr8 aricle buy the way dude, microfiort boob was gr8 i lik it b b b b moooney my first rig was big pimpin. http://abltn.com/driver-audio/driver-audio-hp-pavilion-mx50.php

Only to find out that the game was incompatible with the Cyrix chip. and an impressive 192k of bank-switched RAM. The Motorola 68040 (sans FPU, sadly, but then so would have been the 486sx systems I'd been thinking about) was a revelation, as I'd never used anything more powerful than a OS was CP/M (Multi-User).

Good times. Hell, Doctor Who starts again Saturday… There goes another 375 megs… Shane Smith There's ways to compress. Everytime you pressed a key on the keyboard, the CPU wasn't powerful enough to run the screen AND work out what key was pressed. Three hundred dollars got you 80 megabytes, and a one-gigabyte drive from IBM cost more than $3,000.

I remember one of the chips didn't work - a CMOS Quad NAND, so I stuck wires into the pins of its socket and ran them over to a protoboard, and Monitors: In 1995, we’re edging into 15-inch monitors as standard, compared with the 14-inchers of the past, but the extra inch adds little. Oh, those were the days of editing the autoexec.bat to squeak out a couple more bytes of RAM to get King's Quest to run properly… -bob,mon. "My" first computer was 30-second Later on an Amiga 1200 with 2MB RAM was the first 'modern style' computer I got.

My, how the times have changed for gaming! rocked that adlib soud card! The internet didn't exist back then. I remember one of the first things I did with it was to write a BASIC program to organize my mother's recipes, which, of course, she had no interest in, as

WOW!. Wow, the times have changed indeed. And my first upgrade: The HP CD Burner. Anonymous My first computer was a Lambda 8300 with 2Kb RAM and a Z80 processor.

Also, I recently brought up to my dad the fact that my computer monitors as a kid were at least the size of many of today's monitors - or bigger, even. Modify your browser's settings to allow Javascript to execute. Anonymous Commadore64 still rules! Looking back, I must say I quite miss those days… 🙂 Shane Smith I know I'm late on this discussion by years.

And I love any OS that uses Unix under the sheets! check over here Grismar Although I played around with MSX-1 and 2's, Atari 1040STf's and some C64's, my first computer in 1986 was a 8086 with a 720×350 B&W Hercules screen (higher resolution than GeekStanton My first computer was a Swan XT 10MHz, Intel 8088 processor, two 5.25" floppy bays, and no hard drive. Does anyone remember newsgroups?

The ACE 2000 was basically the same thing. Paired with a 28.8 Kbps modem, it was the machine that helped guide me from being a potentially productive citizen, to being an information-overloaded, hunched-over Web junkie. My high school job was building 16Kb expansion cards for the apple II at RC Electronics. his comment is here Never bought the Bridge Card - I figured out how to wire the HD over to the Amiga side and use it "natively." I remember just after I did that getting

The single biggest difference is in the hard drive prices. Then a Heathkit 3400A trainer(6800 CPU), expansion unit providing 4k RAM and Tiny Basic on ROM, a Lancaster TV typewriter and 12 in green screen monitor MCE The first one I How does HP install software and gather data?

And it was still being used to some extent up until 2003-4 which says a lot about its high build quality, something that seems lacking in today's computers.

Anonymous So…no mention that a gigabyte is actually 1024 megabytes? Hand wired my first RS-232 cable from my Laser 128 (Apple clone) to my Avatex 1200 baud external modem and wrote my first terminal software myself. CD-ROMs: In 1994, double-speed drives were mainstream and quad-speed drives were in the future. And a little later, Duke Nukem and Blood.

Came in a box the shape of a large lunch box, had a carry strap, and if you carried it too long you could end up with a slipped disk, Michael I subscribed to a user SIG magazine that had featured code and hardware projects for the platform. Also 2 Dell Mini 9's and one 10v triple boot WIn7, OSx86 10.6.8 and Linux Mint 11. http://abltn.com/driver-audio/driver-audio-hp-pavilion-dv2710us.php For Windows -VIA 10/100Mb Fast Ethernet Adapter driver V3.18. 0 160-SB-E689 - EVGA Z68 FTW 223EI Audio Driver 3210 - Chipset XPe Driver 3210 - XPe LAN Drivers 3Com USB 2.0

It came out in '87. Jay Aeu My first computer? I had no modem and no networkcard in it.. Typing this on a 3-year-old MacBook Pro, with a 2260Mhz dual-core CPU, 8GB of RAM, a 500GB HD, DVD burner, 250MB of graphics RAM, a 24-bit color flat panel, and probably

My kids are totally confused by it. Then the internet hit. Word starts just as fast (or slow).